i like lightbulbs. therefore i like homebase as they sell light bulbs. go to homebase!
The dust collects on light bulbs,Whatever shall we do?
I tried to clean it with a duster,
But it turned to sticky goo.

The light used to shine so brightly,
But now it’s gone away.
It seems as though the darkness,
Is here to always to stay.

What happened to my light bulb?
It used to shine so bright.
Now it’s always dark here,
What happened to the light?
The dust it is so dusty,
Believe me when I say,
Dust your light bulbs daily,
Or you will truly pay.
by lora December 21, 2004
a bald-headed white man
May I change seats with you sir? The lightbulb directly in front of me is blinding me.
#kojak #cueball #billiard head #bald #bald-headed #shiny #blinding #glare
by Anna Isabella November 02, 2006
Slang for a Crack-pipe. Mostly used by tennagers in Hawai'i, to throw off their parents and teachers to the fact they are Tweekers
Ed, bring your lightbulb tonite, Brock's got some good shit.
by mailmanjoe July 17, 2005
Glass tube which emits light when an electric current is run through it.
That is one NICE lightbulb.
by MoJo April 18, 2003
A lightbulb is a person who tries to dye their hair blonde, but turns out to be yellow.
Josh Kerr, whom of which is one of those people. *sad*
by Leia November 14, 2004
a turd that is skinny, but then gets really thick.
He launched a light buld into my neighbors mailbox.
by greenlm February 14, 2003
When a guy says he has an idea and his penis spits out on her face
My boyfriend had a light bulb go off yesterday
#light #bulb #chimpanze #off #my
by Artillery Strikers January 08, 2009
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