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Policeman, Sheriff, Forest Service, Security, Parking Enforcement, etc... Any authority that has a row of lights on its roof and can punish you.
We'd better go inside, that's the second light bar that's cruised by in the last ten minutes.
by jackies March 06, 2006
An enclosed array of lights mounted on top of emergency vehicles for the purpose of either moving traffic out of the way or alerting the public to the presence of an emergency.

Lightbars can come in different types. The most common consists of rotating spherical mirrors around a light to cause quite a light display. Sometimes these rotators are spread out such as in a V-shape, a vector lightbar, most notably used by the NYPD. Recently LED lightbars emerged into emergency lighting due to their more efficient energy usage.
The cop turned on the lightbar and blasted the streets with the siren.
by copfreakdude June 16, 2008
The bar seen atop emergency vehicles that and service vehicles that flashes color(s) to warn oncoming motorists.
Pull over for that ambulance see the red flashing light bar?
Better turn on the lights we have a 10-26 at 35th and Lennox proceed code 3.
by Jag III November 13, 2004
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