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Taya is a girl who is beautiful on the inside and out but she'll never believe it. She's a true friend and can make anyone smile. She always try's to include everyone. Taya is a very social girl who will talk to everyone and is always smiling. If you find a Taya your lucky and should always keep them around.
You're jealous, my best friend is a Taya!
by JackieS September 19, 2013
Policeman, Sheriff, Forest Service, Security, Parking Enforcement, etc... Any authority that has a row of lights on its roof and can punish you.
We'd better go inside, that's the second light bar that's cruised by in the last ten minutes.
by jackies March 06, 2006
Like goodness, only more so. Major goodness.
"Oh man, that dinner was goondess!"
by Jackies December 04, 2005

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