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1. to steal
2. to plagiarize
3. a ride
If you ever need a lift you can always call me.
by Light Joker December 11, 2005
British for "elevator."
I'd rather ride on the lift as opposed to taking the stairs.
by LateralReflection July 30, 2003
To take that which is not yours
syn. gank, steal, boost, heist, etc.
I lifted some money from that store back there.
by T$ and Hunts June 23, 2003
An uncommon hallucinogenic drug.
Hey man, this is really great lift.
by SlightlyMadman March 04, 2011
1. to steal
2. to lift weights, to pump iron
3. a ride
Guy 1: My biceps are so sore.
Guy 2: Were you lifting yesterday?

Guy 1: Could you give me a lift?
Guy 2: Sure
by tex-mex February 08, 2007
when you hit someone on the top of their head with a closed fist for saying something stupid
boy: can i get a cheeseburger with no cheese?
waiter: thats a hamburger sur..
friend: damn man thats a "lift"..
by Tata Nalles April 01, 2007
1. a surge of exhilaration

2. a ride

3. to steal

4. to plagarize
Unfortunately he gets a lift when he when he lifts form the office.
by The Return of Light Joker February 22, 2012