To steal from someones pocket. Basically it is the action of active pickpocketing in which the stealer removes(lifts) the wallet or desired item from the victims clothes and walks away. Must be done whilst moving
" I was on the tube and lifted to wallets while exiting."
" How much did you get on your last lift"
" Bob over there is a worldclass lifter, if you want to learn talk to him"
by blaggar15 October 11, 2005
Top Definition
British for "elevator."
I'd rather ride on the lift as opposed to taking the stairs.
by LateralReflection July 30, 2003
To take that which is not yours
syn. gank, steal, boost, heist, etc.
I lifted some money from that store back there.
by T$ and Hunts June 23, 2003
1. to steal
2. to lift weights, to pump iron
3. a ride
Guy 1: My biceps are so sore.
Guy 2: Were you lifting yesterday?

Guy 1: Could you give me a lift?
Guy 2: Sure
by tex-mex February 08, 2007
when you hit someone on the top of their head with a closed fist for saying something stupid
boy: can i get a cheeseburger with no cheese?
waiter: thats a hamburger sur..
friend: damn man thats a "lift"..
by Tata Nalles April 01, 2007
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