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See the book the "Meaning of Liff" Its written by Douglas Adams writer of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the galaxy.
a person: God what is the meaning of Liff?
God: Are you speaking with your mouth full again?
by boomstick October 10, 2003
A common object or experience for which no word yet exists.
by Nick March 28, 2003
A term used for people who are in a relationship but aren't in love yet. Making things less awkward.
I liff you.
by tayp December 07, 2011
L:life I:is F:fucking F:fabulous
commonly used on the internet

boy:hey man hows life?
by bshiznit March 10, 2008
1.) A young boy from a suburb of sharon. Hes jolly, cool and overall just a goober. When you yell Liff you should expect to see Jon. He is said to be the orginal founder of the language "liffinesse:

2.) the liff family. the same family were jon is from. it consist of two parents two boys and a girl. also a dog named emma.

3.) someone who often gets laid.
1.) you: liff get over here
liff: whaaaa?

2.)The liff family is cool

3.)Yo look at the LIFF with all those girls
by PeteyLew April 03, 2005
A Toyota Forklift with a steering wheel that acts as a cushion for Rollands stomach. The competish for the liff was protested by Dum Dum because he has more exspear then the other guy, but because he almost kill a few guy he doesnt get. However, he protess because its a big conspir against les miserables by the white guy. The liff can be found in the back of the depot behind a few skid.
"Guy, bring the liff to the front, I needs this truck unload"
by Gary Wilson December 10, 2004