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The emotional and or mental pain one feels from events happening in their life at any given time.

Measured on a daily basis, on a 1-10 scale, 10 being worst. Things that contribute to Life Pain would include girlfriends/wives, kids, job, self-image, substance abuse etc.
So today my wife tells me she's leaving me, my car asploded on the freeway, and I found out my kid is snorting more coke than Scarface. Yeah my life pain is about a 9/10 today. How's yours?
by Onyx July 06, 2005
(lahyfpeyn) - noun: A term to quantify the amount of anguish and torment present in your life. Usually expressed on a scale of 1-10, although other scales can be used. Sometimes also referred as a being's lifepain index.
- "How you doing today man?" "My lifepain is high, FML!"

- "Ugh, on a scale of 1-10 my lifepain is an 11 today."
by Hatta March 02, 2011
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