A person who has lived life so extreme that nothing surprises or has any entertaining value to them. They have seen and experienced everything. Amazingly, most life whores are still under the age of 25.
Pat: Wow, I have to say this Curry dish is awesome, like straight from Bombay.

Anne: Well, Bombay is actually called Mombai...but really something is missing tastewise...the way I ate it in India it was much more flavorful.

Pat: Anne, you're such a life whore.

telltail signs of becoming a Life Whore.
11th graders who show up at the Jr.Prom with a 28 year old guy.
Groupie girls from Hair bands of the 80's

Johnathan Hart from T.V.'s Hart to Hart was a Life Whore with the ability to do and know everything and everybody on the planet.
by its all good February 28, 2013

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