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Rather obscure adjective used by individuals from the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle to describe a person that you are solely dating but do not want the relationship to be categorized as a girlfriend or boyfriend. Often used by the males in the family to deflect the perceived intrusive questioning (and hoping) of the female members or as a repulsive response to any form of categorization. For all intent and purpose it means boyfriend or girlfriend.

The origin seems to be from the Scandinavian, Lutheran community of NW Washington state. The males of this group have a visceral dislike of relational categorization due, it is believed, to adherence to ancient Viking norms that stressed global, indiscriminant spreading of genetic material.
Hey Lars, how is your girlfriend Natalie

She is not my girlfriend, she is my 'lifafriend'!

Sorry dude.
by Laleph December 25, 2009

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