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Likes big chin chin... MilkBone is LieutenantX's master..
LieutenantX gives milkbone gifts
by MilkBone February 28, 2003
Bolt newbie who is trying to make it as a "1337" "h4x0r" but has a long road ahead. LieutenantX generally bows to all those he looks up to and/or wants to secretly give head to.
<LieutenantX>your so 1337 dano, how do you do it?!
<Chill_Pill>Just cuzz bitch, kthx
<LieutenantX>*gives you head*
by Webster February 28, 2003
faggot some gay homo who gives head for crack
LieutenantX:Must give head...need...crack...or dick in my ass
by Milkbone biatch January 11, 2005

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