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Liesel, a girl who is overly awesome in every way. usually has mad skillz in first person shooters but also plays the occasional rpg, (but not WOW because warcraft is poo.)
Is quite short girl but makes up for her height with a big heart and gorgeous personality.
An ultra sweetheart and 1000x prettier then megan fox.
Also likes migit porn.
person 1: omg liesel is better looking then megan fox

megan fox: no way that bitch is hotter then me

person 1: megan fox looks like aids with no makeup

*megan fox gets hit by truck*
by Joytastic happytown February 24, 2010
A girl who is is just OK. Not great, not terrible, just OK.
Andrew, Aimee, Allison, Arun, and Betty are awesome. Liesel is just OK
by pressuredrop19 November 16, 2010
akin to a tall, graceful antelope. But without the parasites.
OMG, that girl looks like a Liesel!

I wanna be a liesel...
by Bayleebee January 26, 2009
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