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A false identity made up of lies and tall-stories created by people to attract attention and mask their mediocrity.

Emo-kids are a prime example; 9/10 cases, their lives are problem free and they just say their lives are crap to get attention.
"Shit, dude. Mikey's been slitting his wrists again. His dad bullies him constantly."
"Bullpies; his dad's a great guy and devout Christian. Mikey's got a lidentity"

"Pete Wentz attempted suicide, he must have some serious problems."
"Can it, douchebag. He's in a super-successful multi-platinum band and he's dating Ashlee Simpson. His life's way better than mine'll ever be!"
"Sheesh, talk about lidentity."
by Shatty Fatmas October 02, 2007

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