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The despicable act of ordering an ice cream cone and/or McFlurry at a McDonald's drive-thru and immediately after ordering the aforementioned item(s), receiving oral sex in an attempt to finish before the item(s) are attained and blowing your milky load in the head-giving female's face like a good old-fashioned flurry of snow in a mid-winter Michigan blizzard as you receive your ice cream from the unsuspecting drive-thru tenant.
I was working the night shift at McDonald's last night and this guy ordered a LickFlurry. He painted the window with his snowy-white water with pulp.

"Yo, how was your late night snack with that skeleton titties girl last night?"

"Oh man, it was awesome. I ordered a LickFlurry and good thing she did not have a gag reflex because I shot the biggest blizzard of jizz she had ever seen as we got our Rolo McFlurry."
by squinta August 13, 2012
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