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-A phrase spoken when you know you lost the argument but choose not to quit in spite of having no valid sources to support you're argument.

-Also when you are playing an online video game and you die/lose and are pissed off about it.

-And a way to tell someone to go away.
Clint: So therefor she is not a vegetable since she is moving and responding to people. The only way someone can be a vegetable is if they do not have any function of thier limbs or they are in a comatose state. In which Terri Schiavo is not a vegetable.

Joe:..Lick my nuts, asshole.
by iwannabeanalcoholic April 02, 2005
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Common response to any question.
1: Hey what time is it?
2: Lick My nuts bitch.
by XshadowsX April 26, 2005
another way of telling someone to fuck off.
shut up kyle, lick my nuts.
by Brad S. October 26, 2004
An expression people use against old people or people of authority when they are pissing you off beyond belief. Also what u say to ur g/f when she needs to shut up.
Friend's Mom: "Now see here eric u need to keep ur ass out of my kitchen."
Eric: "U need to lickmynuts"
Friend's Mom: "Present them..."
by Dubble E January 25, 2007
tell someone to recieve pleasure
helga...lick my nuts
by @nj-Pi$$Le October 08, 2003

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