It's like conservapedia, just ultra-liberal.

Originally it was supposed to be a parody, a total opposite of conservapedia.

But now it's just a ground for self-proclaimed ultra-liberals who failed to see that liberapedia wasn't supposed to be a serious website. Now they have a goal to stop every ''vandal'' or ''neo-nazi'' who doesn't share they opinion and changes the ''perfection of their articles''.

Most Liberapedia articles are in fact sourced from Wikipedia or propagandist websites, and in the end they end up as a hybrid between Wikipedia and some communist forum, enchanted by totalitarian admins. For further information, see wikipedia administrator.
liberapedia=communist and neo-liberals

Conclusion:avoid it
by Humanus December 04, 2010
Top Definition
Liberapedia is a parody of conservapedia that makes there articles incredibly liberal.
Now with 100% more truth.
I edit Liberapedia as Elassint.
by InSaNeBaGeLmAn October 28, 2007
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