1. a very snuggly hat that is too big, but feels just right.
2. talkative, neurotic and very lovable
1. "this liat is just perfect, even tho its a bit too big for me."
2. Man that girl needs to chill out, shes being such a Liat - but I like her anyway!
by Jess M February 19, 2008
Top Definition
A Liat is a person who is pretty shy, but can be incredibly outgoing at certain times. A liat is usually hot, and tall. Liat's generally make for amazing friend's and great dinosaurs. You could never hate a Liat, no matter how irritating they can get at certain times.
Person 1- He's such a Liat!
Person 2- I know but you gotta love him anyways.
by NotSprinkles February 07, 2011

Stands for:

LOOK! Its a tyrana sauras!
"Whats that" - "LIATS!"
by Brandon "Dark Wanderer" July 19, 2006
A follow of the Hebrew faith who simply follows the faith when it suits them. Females are brash and short, usually with big tits and an even bigger ego. Generally impossible to work with them as they tend to alienate anyone who doesn't stroke their ego, or clitoris.
I have Liat in my group; everyone wants to kill her except her fuck-buddy.
by Tail001 May 30, 2013
A very amazing isreali girl who is very pretty and will grow up successful and might have a job in the arts department because she is very talent
Liat is a amazing actress
List is a amazing artist
Liat is a amazing dancer
Liat will be a movie star
Liat will make a album that's a hit
Liat will be on broadway
by Liat Rimoni May 04, 2015
It's short for 'like that'. commonly used in chat rooms, IM's, etc
Boy : there's nothing wrong in designing it liat. actually, a lot of people do it that way.
by randominventn September 01, 2009
A very attractive redhead girl, known by her big breasts and sarcastic personality.
Look at that girl! She's trying to be a Liat, she dyed her hair red!

Man i hate Liat, all the guys seem to want her!
by Fine Ass Motha Fucka August 02, 2008
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