the most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. usually with dark hair. italian. looks sweet but is really an undercover whore. sweet as sugar! is the envy of most other girls, although they will never admit it. very classy. has SUPERLONG eyelashes. gets lots of attention from middle aged men with children who would leave their wives in a heartbeat to be with this beauty. often falls in love with guys referred to as 'tools' or 'players' but will eventually meet someone worthy of her stunning face.

-the pure epitome of beauty; goddess-like
lia is the most gorgeous girl i have ever seen
by lolalova December 28, 2010
Top Definition
Lias is a word coming from the greek word "ilithios" which means fool/stupid.
He is Lias.
He is fool.
He is stupid
by alexkarpen April 30, 2008
the nicest most beautiful grl u will ever meet
she has a nice bod and boys love her
"hey did u see that lia"
"yeah i couldnt take my eyes off her"
by adelena201isssssssssssssssssss December 23, 2008
1. The hottest, sexiest, and all around most attractive goddess-like girl you will ever meet.

2. A beautiful and nice girl who gets all the guys.

3. (noun) an attractive piece of meat.

4. Any girl with a nice ass. Typically a Spanish/ Brazilian type ass.
"Ohmigosh look over there!"
by pimpintiger22 February 14, 2009
to follow someone around endlessly in black ops just so they can get a knife kill.
-You should've turned around before she got a chance to lia you.
- I'm never playing gun game with her again. 17 knifings is my limit.
by chronicwhatclesofnarnia April 20, 2011
Crazy, bitchy, ugly, fat, try hard, and emo.
OMG theres Lia... DUCK!
by Lila542 July 27, 2011
Generally a name for an asian american girl who acts and thinks shes a white girl. Often is an attention seeker who will always try to get people to like them, and often speaks loudly to get approval. This person often acts like they adore you, when in reality, they don't. She generally will talk shit about you and then pretend she likes your scarf. Her facial expressions are to easy to read, and you know exactly when she be judgin.
Girl *wearing a yellow scarf*
Lia: Omg I just love your scarf! It looks so cute, I wish I could look that cute.

Actually means: I look so much better than you today.

Lia: Im so ugly!!! Look how ugly I am! See my ugly makeup? See my ugly scarf?? Why did God make me this ugly!
by heckinglikeaboss February 13, 2015
A Spanish name which is usually an abriviation for names like Amelia(Hardworking) or Rosalia(Rose). When used by itself it usually means a gorgeous girl with sparkling eyes or in some myths a girl who makes a persons heart "skip a beat" upon seeing.

Other sources have linked "lia" with...






Wow, that beautiful girl that keeps looking my way has amazing eyes. She must be a Lia
by 7-22-11CS&LM December 25, 2011

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