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One of the prettiest and most perfect girls on youtube. Lia is a singer, actress and plays the guitar and she is very talented at all 3. She has a gorgeous smile that lights up the world. Her birthday is November 23 1996 and she lives in San Diego. Her own channel has over 200,000 subscribers and she also appears on a few other shows like My Music and Teens React.
Billy: I love Lia Marie Johnson more than anything in the world.
Morgan: Creeeeeper!!
#liamariejohnson #lia marie johnson #creeper #youtube #kids react #teens react #actress #singer #musician
by BiggestLiaFanAUS October 17, 2012
the fucking hottest chick on youtube
pervert1:dude I'd fuckin bang Lia Marie Johnson.
pervert2: Me to. Those tits
#youtube #lia #johnson #twitter #instagram #sex
by nail yakupov December 30, 2013
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