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A very close relationship between two straight females. They are so caught up with each other, displaying they're emotion for each other to the public, and committing dike-like actions. There is assumption of them being a little more then just friends, but at the end of the day separate friends and family continue to hope the relationship together is completely normal and straight.
Kisha: Babygirl how u doin
Audrina: Chillin..ur ass is lookin great in your new pic
Kisha: U better delete that comment u left me on it, people are gona think were in a lezzyship
Audrina: Girl, we be fine..ppl wont think nothin. What we doin tonite babe
Kisha: Probrably drinkin in my room, u wana join
Audrina: Yea sounds like fun ; )
Kisha: Aiight be over later, just dont bring anyone
Audrina: Undastood, ill see ya baby. ill bring the 'goods'
by Mac Miller May 18, 2010
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