The coolest chick around. Has all the friends, loves to do cool things. Ex. Party. For the most part this girl is pretty good alright.
If you see the coolest, most bestest chick out there, a typical response would be "man that girl must be Lexxie."
by Lexxie February 08, 2006
Top Definition
Short For Alexandra, Alexis, Alexandria.
She Is Popular And Is Very Helpful With Relationship Problems.
She Helps Other People But She Cannot Help Herself.
Slag For Terms Of Sexyness
Guy: That Girl Over There. She's HAWT!
Guy 2: Sexy Lexxie
Guy 1: YEAH!
by Meow_Alex_Meow December 17, 2007
a person acting in a way that is either counter productive or causes others to question his or her sexual orientation.
My lexxie of a brother just told me he loves to watch The OC.
by McJazzie April 07, 2009
Short for Alexxia.

Generally snot-nosed.

EXTREMELY annoying.

Is secretly a V.A.P. (very annoying person) from another planet. Hatched from eggs, and usually are very very very very very ugly. Have to get intensive plasic surgery to correct the uglyness (which usually doesn't work).
Holy crap, that Lexxie over there is UUUUGGGLY!! -dies from grossness-
by kowshe August 06, 2008
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