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A highly advanced Lineage 2 Hacker. Who is famously known to have created over 40,000$ from hacking Lineage 2 Chronicle One. He attacked weak creations in the game and sold his finds onto other players. He even created a administration character 1 week before his banning. After the banning of Lineage 2 - "Lexx0r" was prisoned for Internet Fraud and was banned from computers for his whole life. When released from prison he was later the brains behind the BitDefender and Anti Hacker Series.
He is now unbanned from the internet but has not been heard of since
Hacked over 80 Lineage 2 Items in 1 day! Lexx0r was and still is the biggest hacker of Lineage 2 in history!
by John Lexx March 31, 2008
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