Lexee's are funny people. They know how to make you laugh & they know how to brighten your day. Lexee's are awesome people & pretty! Lexee's are original & one of a kind. You'll never find another just like them!
"That girl over there, yeah her! She's a Lexee!"
by sweetbitch88 August 30, 2011
Top Definition
A very small, super duper awesome girl! Lexee is always very fun to be around. She is very pretty and guys creep on her all the time. There is never a dull moment when hanging out with Lexee!
That girl is such a Lexee!
by Travey Trav January 20, 2009
Lexee's are very cute & smart people.Lexee's know how to brighten you're day,even when you're upset.Lexee's are very good examples of nurturing & caring
Austin: that girl over there is a lexee. Adam: yeah I know she is so cute
by raor....its adam!! January 03, 2015
retarded; one who is retarded
That girl...is so lexee.
by siles13 March 22, 2007
A very short girl. She is usually full of herself and always talks about her "friends" behind their backs. She thinks she's good at sports but she's really not. She thinks everyone likes her but really no one does. And she's definitley not a good friend or not good in bed! Or good looking!
God Lexee is such a bitch!!
by Kutonki May 07, 2011
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