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A person who has achieved the most awesomest level of awesomeness. They awesomely radiate awesome like a pure awesome ball of white hot awesome. They are also very awesomely attractive. Their type of awesome is a wild, untamed awesome which you cannot beat. Their awesome has no rules or boundaries. They are more awesome than you. No options.
OMG, that Levko was crazy awesome!! I love that Levko!!!
by LeoLion July 09, 2009
Levko is a giant lizard that eats little babbies to survive. Usually found in a cold-climate, they are hard to kill. Special tactics are needed to evade and capture this creature. Upon sight, please dial 911.
Look at that person he is acting like a Levko, call the police!
by Toolfacejoe March 04, 2011
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