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1. Any person that you just meet who attempts to befriend you immediately or to infiltrate an already established group of friends by trying desparately to fit in.

A common tactic of this individual is to over-self disclose about extremely personal things in order to "gain your trust" immediately.

Also known as "instafriend-just add beer."
"That guy Jason that Mo invited last night was such a level jumper; he told us me his dad died last week and then asked for my phone number in case he 'needed someone to talk to.'"
by Hank Renfrow August 09, 2006
Someone who assumes they're your best friend after only meeting you a few times.
Chris is such a Level Jumper because he asked to borrow some money for some goose from Rahul after only meeting him once.
by PBizzel December 12, 2005
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