The currency of Bulgaria. It's divided in 100 "stotinki". Lev also means lion in archaic Bulgarian
One euro is equal to 1.95 leva
by squax bmock August 07, 2007
Top Definition
Hot as hell and is so much cooler than anyone in the world.
Lev rocks so much it is sad!
by Lev! December 24, 2004
n. a male name originating from 2 languages. 1, russian : Lion . 2, hebrew : Heart
My name is Lev.
by fasternfaster July 07, 2003
(adjective) Describing something large or chubby. Also applies to anything having to do with chicken
Wow! That ass is quite Lev.
(Or) Wow this chicken is so Lev.
by Jrawz January 16, 2015
Laborious Extra-Orbital Vehicle
Large Mecha first designed to be used in constuction and riot control.
However now out-of-date compared to BAHRAM's Orbital Frames. From PS2 Game Zone Of the Enders.
Taper: DON'T MOVE!
Dingo: Do you plan to shoot me with those tired old LEVs?
by Mike January 02, 2005
(verb) to fart onself awake.
In the midst of the morning breeze, Jason leved. In his brutal awakening, the morning flowers were masked by the sweet smell of dook.
by nadiac123 November 15, 2011
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