n. An old person's excuse for e-mail.
"Hunny, did you get my letters?"
"No G-ma, I've been checking my computer for weeks and they still haven't shown up. Maybe the server is down..."
by RobertOldhead September 25, 2008
Top Definition
A written symbol or character representing a speech sound and being a component of an alphabet.
Letters make up words.
by HT January 15, 2004
an acient divice for communication that many teens have no idea of communicating with.
guy1:I should write a letter to my grandma.
guy2:Whats a letter
by mmann April 10, 2009
The letter V, which shows up on your college application indicating that you played Varsity for any sport (with those levels) at your high school. Very helpful for getting into a college, and may be help with the girls too.
Did you get that letter?

Yeah, now I can get into a better college.
by Anonymous November 16, 2004
refering to boob size.
girl 1: what size are your letters?
girl 2: D
by la-sha-sha April 09, 2010
Part of a ciggarete where the manafacturer's logo is printed
"Lets have some of that fag"
"No Mate"
"Come on boss save me letters"
by seano100 January 05, 2006
- If you ask for letters, you're asking for the rest of a fag from where the letters start.

- Letters is less than two's (half a fag) and saves (a third of a fag).

- Can also be called Fourthsies or Quaters.
Bonnie: Let's have saves on that fag.

Jim: No way, I'll give you letters.

Bonnie: Letters? What's that?

Jim: You know, Quaters.

Bonnie: Wtf?

Jim: Fourthsies?

Bonnie: Oh.. Fine.
by Jimbon August 28, 2009
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