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its a starting-to-be used word to say when you say a joke or statement too far or too funny
Tracey: oh my god! thats soo funny! i cant breathe
Tony:okay okay let me stop!
by TonyDaDream September 27, 2009
"Let me stop" is one of the few actual phrases on Urban Dictionary that is slang. Though the exact origin of the phrase is unknown, like with many, it is often used here in New York.

It is usually used by one who is doing OR saying something that can be considered:
Overdoing it

or perhaps going to far (as a previous definition suggested).
Tyrone: "That girl you talk to looks good, I should holla at her."
Shaniqua: "What? Did you see that girl's weave?"
Tyrone: "That's her real hair, ain't it?"
Shaniqua: "Please, that bitch is bald. And her hair, that shit is fake. Nah, let me stop."

Shaniqua realizes that she's saying too much, whether funny or not, and because of this... she uses the phrase "Let me stop" at the end of her statement. Shaniqua needs to stop getting out of line.
by YonkersKid January 19, 2010

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