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A mythological creature who roams about the fields of different plains of the world. Tends to prefer the Caribbean. Leslassa, or Lassa for short, is by definition the season of spring where everything chills together. It is important to note that the Lassa can be aggressive when provoked but generally it is a smart, caring and compassionate creature. A great friend and mostly fun to be around because it will find ANYTHING you say hilarious. Although it only speaks Leslassian, it likes to dance. And it eats porcupines.
"Oh mon dieu! qu'est-ce?!... it's a Leslassa!"
"Dude I met a Leslassa and they're not as bad as everyone says. We danced and she smiled the whole time. Then she ate my porcupine which wasn't cool but she apologized and spit it out."
"Puck u miss"- Lassa
by croom1 January 11, 2012

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