I made this word up so everyone needs to chill.

A lesbosexual is a lesbian. but it's a cooler way of saying it. so it's a girl that likes other girls.
You're a total lesbosexual.
by Dave Esposito February 07, 2008
Top Definition
A lesbosexual is someone who is attracted exclusively to lesbians. This person can be male or female. Generally lesbosexual males are guys who have a thing for women whom they can't have. Lesbosexual females are just lesbians who don't like straight girls.
Dude I think I'm lesbosexual, girls keep telling me they are lesbians when I ask them out!
by Derosian September 21, 2008
the slightly less picturesque, dumber metrosexual. might use kiehl's products because he heard they are the best but secretly doesn't know/care. probably lives in the 'burg.
guys who learn things from queer eye are lesbosexuals. real metrosexuals know queer eye is fake except for thom filicia's creative genius.
by manuel roman December 19, 2003

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