Top Definition
1. catty or silly lesbian pet name

2. a homosexual female surrounded, constantly, by other promiscuous women. they are either bi or gay unless she is a conversion specialist.

3. compares a lesbians general proximity to vag to a biscuit's placement in the breakfast world. right under the muffin. more accurately the muff.
"look there goes that lesbiscuit from woodworking. LULZ, shes walking with all the other strongtongues too, what a slore!"
by littleP00nDiddler May 03, 2010
A deviant sexual act involving 3 lesbians and a silver pot full of biscuits.
"Last night I had Victoria and Terry-Anne come over and we pulled off a les-biscuit. Hey... wait, where are you going?"
by Asaf September 17, 2005
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