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The Bass Player/ Lead singer for the band Primus, he is the best.
Les Claypool is behind you.
by Concerned Citezen April 02, 2003
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a really, really good bassist. used to be in Primus, now has his own band, Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade. sings with a southern accent, but talks normal.
listen to primuses cover of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" they only play up until the singing starts, but les claypool plays the guitar parts on his bass
by Tommy F. September 10, 2005
A quirky, brilliant bassist who has formulated his own trademark style on the bass guitar involving a popcorn-esque slap and pop technique, combined with his signature technique of strumming out power chords with a fling-like motion (although Stanley Clarke initially invented that.)
Dude, I just saw Les Claypool at the Nokia Theater in Times Square of New York City, and it was literally and without a doubt the most mind-blowing concert I have ever witnessed in my life.
by Chuck Laurence November 27, 2007
An over hyped bass player who plays for the sake of being weird. Was amazing in Primus but seems to have reached his creative limitations.
If you worked for Les Claypool, you'd be out of a job in no time.
by Tallest Man on Earth April 05, 2010

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