Person from Owosso who loves to eat peeps.
I am a homo and my name is Les Jones.
by Milf March 20, 2005
Top Definition
The renaissance man; does everything and does it well.

He is very Sweet, Kind, caring, Loving, spontaneous, Smart, Intelligent, indescribably sexy, Has an athlete's body, he is an athlete, amazing personality, has many friends, will brighten up your day with a simple smile. Can't get any better than Les Jones.
Les jones is an amazing son of a bitch.
by Nileysha April 11, 2010
a walking hotcarl. loves large german men and periodically visits gay male sex clubs. currently resides in owosso where he has no friends or lover but his sister
hey my name is les jones do you have any peeps
by milf March 19, 2005
a sexy son of a bitch who lives in Owosso and has a monster weiner that he wraps around his leg so he can walk. He also loves peeps and will eat them like he was a crack addict
Girl- "Is it in yet?"
by I couldnt handle it March 21, 2005
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