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Leona - Singular
Leonas - Plural
Leona = Female Lion or Lioness

Leona is a Dominican or Puerto Rican Girl who has BLONDE hair BLUE eyes and BIG ASS

David: damn yo did u see that leona over there, she look fine today

Cracker: wats a leona, wtf does that mean

David: ur a dumd mofo u noe that, thats y u'll never get ass
by Finch250 January 10, 2008
42 77
A girl who is the best friend and sister you'll ever have. You wouldn't ask for more if you have Leona. You'll lucky if you ever got to know someone like Leona.

"I'm so lucky for having Leona there for me."
by RawrlikePeter February 14, 2009
504 115
Wildly intelligent and independent female; a stalking lioness.
Don't get on Leona's bad side.
by Anonymous April 24, 2005
312 151
The Mojo of Moberly; probably the most fun person in the world though others may deny this, they secretly know that Leona is the best there is.
When I grow up, I want to be just like Leona; she's soooo cool.

by anonymous February 18, 2003
217 82
female form of "leon"
leon is a guy
leona is a girl
by leon October 26, 2004
111 67
When someone gets drunk enough that they have a second personality.
Leona's coming out tonight!
by Leona1313 March 25, 2011
47 33
The idio-syncratic freak of Moberly who has the tendency to act very spoilt. Also very, VERY clean and competitive.
"There's feeling lucky then there's getting lucky!"
"I'm the social butterfly of Moberly"
by anonymous February 18, 2003
55 65