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The town so boring death can't be bothered visiting.
Did you hear about the exciting news in Lenzie? No me neither.
by nirame February 03, 2011
A small town in north east glasgow, scotland. Mainly full of pretentious rich people with too much time on their hands. Don't stay there. Nothing for kids to do and the schools are rife with drugs.
"Where you from mate?"
"Im from lenzie"
"Posh bastard"
by Nu-Gen July 08, 2005
a complex but unique person, who can be, at times quite strange, but always very humorous
i want to be like lenzie
by LENZIE December 01, 2003
A complete original with a daring sense of travel and adventure.
Hey Lenzie, when are you going to South America again? How come you didn't ask me to go with you last time?
by Jerry Carlson January 15, 2004

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