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Mostly of the time a real laid-back person who likes to joke around smoothly. They like to use funny one-liners. They are attractive and sportive-minded overall. They also like to hunt animals, which is a less positive point. Yet they have good music taste. They look tough but don't let their appearances betray you they have a heart of gold. When in tricky, nasty situations Lennerts always tend to have a perfect solution! Unfortunately they don't come around to often because their parents are very strict.
"Dude he's totally being a Lennert right now!"
"Yeah I know, man!"
by mynameischicachicaslimshady December 10, 2012

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Lennert is a discribtion for negative persons, it means for example:
gay person,looser,dumb person,......
U can use it as an allround discribtion for strange guys.
Loook at that strange guy, he's such a Lennert.
by mark hammilton July 17, 2004