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1.Practitioners of Lemonism, those belonging to The Church of the Tiny Lemon.
2. Members of a chaos based fun loving anti-social conventions movement.
3. Someone who imbibes gratuitous amounts of tequila
Did you see that guy down five shots of tequila? Total lemonist.

He lived life as any good Lemonist would; with a bottle of tequila in his hand, the wind to his back, and the sun to his face.
by hbastion March 27, 2010
Lemonist's are people who are not really popular but not unpopular, inbetweeners so to speak. They gotta have a wide music taste from Lilly Allen to My Chemical Romance and have to be addicted to social media. If you are all these then you're a lemonist. Derived from a YouTuber who used isalemon in their name.
Josh: 'Dylan is such a lemonist, he likes Panic! At The Disco and Lady Gaga'
Adam: 'So's Kyle, he's always on Tumblr and Twitter.'
by The Lemon Party March 26, 2014
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