a term used to state nervousness, often shouted out as an expression, said after a state of confusion and as a 'spur of the moment' sugestion.
Man: Yes sir, what milkshake would you like?
Glynn: Crunchie please.
Man: Sorry we are out of Crunchie Milkshake, could you choose another.?
Glynn: Err Errr Errrrrr....Lemon Curd?
by Andy Shaw February 05, 2008
Top Definition
A lemon flavoured spread, similar to marmalade.

This would go well with some butter at a 'crumpetting' party.
He always enjoys lemon curd with lavishings of butter while crumpetting.
by lumnet July 04, 2005
Rhyming slang for a burd (lady) in West of Scotland.
'If you were in the Oran Mor with a lemon curd.... '
by jimbob_kite April 26, 2005
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