a lemon lolli is when a guy gets his asshole sucked on while he takes a piss. lemon represents the act of urination and the 'lolli' is associated with the baloon knot being sucked on, hence the lemon lolli.

Due to the lack of genital stimulation from a lemon lolli, this act is most often enjoyed by looli loolies (urban dictionary term for homosexuals)
that girl gave me a lemon lolli last night , and im not talking about the hard candy. ohhhhh BOIIII!!
by andrew n w April 08, 2007
Top Definition
When your havin sex with a girls vagina, she pees on ur dick, and then gives u a blowjob
I was fuckin' sherly last wednesday and she pissed on my dick and got me off, a lemon lolli
by fuzzytwinkie April 10, 2009
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