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Idiot, muppet, fool etc.

Comes from MP Lembit Opik who ditched his fine weather girl wife Sian Lloyd for one of the stick-thin, vampire-like cheeky girls.
'That bloke's a proper lembit'
by Yoxall September 05, 2007
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Based upon MP Lembit Opik who was going out with Sian Lloyd the weather girl and dumped her for a cheeky girl.
It basically means someone who has been a bit of an idiot, made mistakes everyone else can see but is oblivious to them or can just be applied to anything anyone that is stupid.
As in: "You Lembit" or "He's a right Lembit" or "You sneaky cheating Lembit!"
by Big Bren August 30, 2007
7 3
'Lembit' taken from Lembit Opik, Liberal Democrat.
To do with the world being wiped out by meteorites or any other space-related destruction.
Lembit; lembitted.
Person 1: Whoa! d'you see that meteor coming at us??!
Person 2: Oh man we're gonna get lembitted!
by Rebecca Rocker June 28, 2006
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