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Person who loves or is obsessed with the guitarist Dan Hawkins from amazing rock band The Darkness.
Dan Hawkins: Hello! I am Daniel Francis Hawkins!
Danlings: *drool*
by R.Rocker October 22, 2006
(Severus Snape/Original Character) A term used in fanfiction/fan fiction to distinguish that one of the romantic pairings are Severus Snape and an Original Character created by the author.
Claire: Help me; I seriously need some innovative Snape-fic!
Frieda: Try typing 'SSOC' into one of the fan fiction search engines.
by R.Rocker March 01, 2007
Term for anything being wiped out/hit by an asteroid.
Lembit Opik MP: D'you know you're 750000 times more likely to be hit by an asteroid than win the lottery?
Random person: That building just got Lembitted!
by R.Rocker October 22, 2006
Fun name used to refer to Ed Graham from The Darkness because of the white patch on his left eyebrow.
Badger badger badger ED!!
by R.Rocker October 22, 2006

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