'Lembit' taken from Lembit Opik, Liberal Democrat.
To do with the world being wiped out by meteorites or any other space-related destruction.
Lembit; lembitted.
Person 1: Whoa! d'you see that meteor coming at us??!
Person 2: Oh man we're gonna get lembitted!
by Rebecca Rocker June 28, 2006
Top Definition
Idiot, muppet, fool etc.

Comes from MP Lembit Opik who ditched his fine weather girl wife Sian Lloyd for one of the stick-thin, vampire-like cheeky girls.
'That bloke's a proper lembit'
by Yoxall September 05, 2007
Based upon MP Lembit Opik who was going out with Sian Lloyd the weather girl and dumped her for a cheeky girl.
It basically means someone who has been a bit of an idiot, made mistakes everyone else can see but is oblivious to them or can just be applied to anything anyone that is stupid.
As in: "You Lembit" or "He's a right Lembit" or "You sneaky cheating Lembit!"
by Big Bren August 30, 2007
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