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A Leleo is very, very rare. A 1 in a 1,000,000 rare. You will be very lucking if you come across a Leleo in your life time. Leleos are usually dark skinned with black or dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is very loud and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Some times it's a good thing, some times its bad. You don't ever want to mess with a Leleo because she can kick your ass no matter who you are. So watch out if you ever find one. Don't play with her heart becease it is very fragile. She may seem strong to criticism but inside it slowly rips her apart. But no one notices. A Leleo will blame full moons for her craziness but she just likes being crazy. Its her true nature. She is so smart even though she may not show it. She is a beautiful poet that can spill out all of her emotions into a simple poem. She's like a cloud. She bottles up her emotions until she cant hold them any longer and they come raining down. Keep Leleos close to your heart because she will do anything for you as long as you love her.
person 1: I met a Leleo today! She's so beautiful!
person 2: No way! Leleos are so rare!
by Zennobia 99 January 21, 2013
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