Laugh Even Louder
LEL is Used like lol
by levrieroneel August 14, 2014
Laugh Eda Laugh - Used by mallus (South Indians) as a replacement for lol. Mallus generate deep feelings if a person says lel to them. Often resulting in the speakers demise in a potful of sambar (curry).
Mallu 1: I dropped some sambar.
Mallu 2: Lel.
by fakemallu101 June 11, 2014
an expletive used to express displeasure regarding the/a situation.
person A: DUDE! i just got a 5,000 ticket!
person B: LEL!

teacher: you got an F
Person C: lel...
by zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z September 15, 2008
A three letter acronym that stands for "laugh even louder." Often used as a challenge. If one person laughs out loud, you can laugh even louder. First used by a young man named lance at the Maine Jazz Camp, or MJC.
Ben - "yeah dude, lol"
Lance - "haha yeah, LEL!"
by LANCE BEN August 18, 2008
an MLC term meaning "lets eat lettuce". joke on other term that people think means "laughing extremely loud" and similar.
MLC girl: you hooked with her?
Scotchie: yeah sure did
MLC girl: lel
Scotchie: yeah its funny ay
MLC girl: don't get it...
by hahahannahc August 17, 2011
another form of Laughing out loud, but with more stress and slang on each word. Like "lefing ewt lewds"
Q: How do you find Ronald McDonald in a nudist colony?

A: Look for sesame seed buns. LELS!
by RJ PinoyJkr May 31, 2013
"Lel" a term used to show appreciation of a joke/funny remark.
Lel is a spoken word but can also be typed in an Instant messenger.
Ben: Hey Ollie I have a joke!

Ollie: Tell Me, Tell Me!

Ben: Why did the chicken eat meatloaf?

Ollie: I dont know, Why?

Ben: Because he had a Boner!

Ollie: HAHAHA! LeL!
by Biggley Dickens March 04, 2010

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