another form of Laughing out loud, but with more stress and slang on each word. Like "lefing ewt lewds"
Q: How do you find Ronald McDonald in a nudist colony?

A: Look for sesame seed buns. LELS!
by RJ PinoyJkr May 31, 2013
r0x0ring way to say lol
Guy: Hey I hax0red this n00b last night
Guy 2: lel
by FibreOptic6 June 16, 2003
Lel means "Laughing Extremly Loud". Many people say "LEL sucks! I mean, lel aint a stupid word". Well, it is not a word, it is an abbreviation. It sounds better and feels better than lol. I always say lel means laughing extravaganzly loud, but meh. Anyway, lel just means something is funny. so lel.
Bob: I just made a cake outta pizza
Tom: LEL!!!!!
by wakawakalel December 28, 2010
Laughing Excessively Loud
potato skins, lel
by overgrown teddy bear June 05, 2010
"Lel" a term used to show appreciation of a joke/funny remark.
Lel is a spoken word but can also be typed in an Instant messenger.
Ben: Hey Ollie I have a joke!

Ollie: Tell Me, Tell Me!

Ben: Why did the chicken eat meatloaf?

Ollie: I dont know, Why?

Ben: Because he had a Boner!

Ollie: HAHAHA! LeL!
by Biggley Dickens March 04, 2010
laugh excruciatingly low when something isnt all that funny but you kind of chuckle at it.
dick: my name is dick LOL
someone intelligent: umm lel i guess
by your not getting it August 03, 2004
Laughing extremely Loud!
Dude1: Hey dude, I was dumped by my girl friend for adding weed to her cigs without her knowing it, later she found out I did it.

Dude 2: LeL!
by Tommy Fire Wire July 02, 2005

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