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"Lel" a term used to show appreciation of a joke/funny remark.
Lel is a spoken word but can also be typed in an Instant messenger.
Ben: Hey Ollie I have a joke!

Ollie: Tell Me, Tell Me!

Ben: Why did the chicken eat meatloaf?

Ollie: I dont know, Why?

Ben: Because he had a Boner!

Ollie: HAHAHA! LeL!
by Biggley Dickens March 04, 2010
Unlike what many people think lel is not an acronym in the same fashion that LOL is (it does not mean laughing extremely loud, laughing extra loud or similar). Lel (and variations including lal) resulted from the use of random vowels substituted in place of the 'o' in LOL. These vowels were used in an attempt to be different from the millions of internet game fags. The word however, in essence, still means LOL.
guy1: generic xyz funny comment
guy2: lel
gu2: *explodes*
by funward May 28, 2008
Always in lower caps. Used when someone finds something derisory or pathetic. Its use depends on the mood of the user: the more bored they are, the more they'll be inclined to use it.

Pronunciation: lɛl
Etymology: lol, with the o replaced by an e. The reason is phonetic: lel, when pronounced, seems a bit more sarcastic.
A: I watched a censored porn movie last night
B: lel.

A: I + 2 = 3, and H - 2 = 5, (random bs that lasts for 2 pages) thus I + H = 2
B: lel, took me a while to realize you were trolling.
by Pat Power April 12, 2013
Primarily the same definition as "lol", but simply for people who want to be different, and original.
Rowan: Hey, Douglas, Jack got run over today.

Douglas: lel

Rowan: Omg, Douglas, he's in a serious condition! He could die!

Douglas: lel
by Tavv November 06, 2013
An annoying way pre teens say or write lol.
Piranha: hahah lol
Jaws: nah lols so last year, it's lel
by Kakeforever September 14, 2014
How douchebags say "lol"; similar to "lolz" or "lawl", but with a greater amount of douchebaggery.
Person 1: *says something funny*
Person 2: LOL
Person 3: LEL

Person 1: wtf o.O?
Person 2: Oh, don't mind him. He's just a douchebag.

Person 1: oh, ok.
by KingGenju March 20, 2014
queer way of saying lol, especially when something isn't funny
hehe glavin im a queer nerd....lel
by bean face June 17, 2003
Lol in a German accent, or fastforwarded. Try recording yourself saying Lol, then fastforward it, and it will sound like lel. It is also used when saying random gibberish.`
Danda74: DUDLE
Danda74: LEL
by Danda74 January 13, 2005