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A hairstyle sculpted with so much Gel / Hairspray / Grease that is unchanged by the elements
Commonly sported by old alcoholics or slimey perverts.

"Look at that blokes Lego Head!"
by mrsarcasm November 05, 2008
Any boy/girl that alternates between trends for indefinite amounts of time before scrapping one 'identity' and moving onto something completely unrelated or contrary to the person they were previously trying to come across as.

The idea is that they may as well just be a legohead, switching from one pre-determined body/style to the next.
A: That chick was nothing but Baby Phat and wigger'd out Marc Ecko gear last year. Then she flipped the script and went all mall-prep Abercrombie. Three months ago she ditched that, dyed her hair four colors, started eating drugs and hanging out with guys that ride BMX. Who is that girl?

B: I don't know man. Some legohead that works the sunglass kiosk at the mall.
by IMURSOCOOL July 21, 2009
Hairstyle that resembles the hair of a lego man.
'Raymond you legohead, get your hair cut you bender!'
by twofatlee March 03, 2008
a persons head that appears to be square like in its features,.often coupled with lumpy bumpy bits.ugly people tend to suffer from this.
what a hideously ugly lego head you seem to have ben.
by yeti 2008 January 27, 2009
Spider Breeder
The Legohead collected 16 different variants of the tarantula
by Steve barr October 29, 2008
When you have your hair dyed or roots done and the colour runs down onto your head and dyes the skin around it creating an effect similar to the hair on a Lego character.
Dan: Hey Kezza, you coming out tonight?

Kezza: Nah, not tonight, just had my hair done and ive got a Lego head!
by dan_the_01 July 10, 2008
A nick name used as a response for girls who are called Dollface by their boyfriends, first coined by Maggie and Seth.
Seth: Alright, I'll see you tonight Dollface.
Maggie: Sure thing, Lego Head.
Seth: That's awesome. We're coining that.
by painforpassion April 14, 2008

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