A common Cuban phrase, which, no matter how much it is over-used, never EVER gets annoying.
"I just got legiterally stung by a jellyfish!"

"Oh shit is it legit?"

"Yeah man"

"How legit?"


by tonythetiger_21 March 29, 2010
adv. used in place of 'legit' or 'legitimate' when whatever one is describing is really and truly legit to the strictest sense of the word without any exaggeration whatsoever.
"That dude who played Bach's Violin Concerto in A minor while jumping thirteen school buses on a motorcycle was legiterally the most amazing shit I've ever seen"
by Mayhembob February 06, 2010
A combination of the words "legit" (slang), and "literally" form the basis of the word. The word would be used when someone is questioning the accuracy/ preciseness of a statement. (is the statement for real/ not fake, and is it truthful word for word?)
"my dad just went and spent $20,000 on a new rolex"
by spattie August 21, 2009
when people are confused whether they want to use the word legit, or legitimately and end up saying both.
Is there legiterally a banana-chocolate milkshake?
by FASTPASS June 16, 2011
Being Literally Legit
You: Did you like the movie we watched in History?
Some other random guy: YEAH!
You: Really?
Some other random guy: Really! Like, legiterally!
by LIKE LEGIT MAN! March 19, 2011
Combination of legitimate and literally, for use when both are needed, or to accentuate importance
Tim: My girlfriend's gonna have a baby.
Bill: No way!
Tim: Dude, she's legiterally pregnant!
by Chowdah June 21, 2010
A combination of the slang word "legit" (short for "legitimate") and "literally."

This word combines two unbearably annoying things that most teenage girls and frequent text messagers say and makes it fun and enjoyable for the entire family!
"I legit just saw Pete Wentz at Dunkin Doughnuts!"

"OMG! Legiterally?"


"I legiterally hate my chemistry class."

"Please remove yourself from my general area."
by Master of Unicorns August 25, 2009

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