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1.) The act of and having permission to perform an abortion. It allows the murder of an innocent, unborn baby who has not yet had the chance to fully develop and see the light of day.
2.) To take a life in self-defense. It is okay to kill somebody or something if you are being attacked by them.
3.) To inflict fatal casualties (kills and mortal wounding) during a war. In this situation, it may also combine with self-defense.
1.) The unborn child had its very short life put to an end by the teenage mother who was too selfish and unresponsible to take care of it.
2.) The criminal was running onto Jim's lawn with guns drawn, so he blasted him with his 12-gauge.
3.) The Union infantry private participated in firing musket volleys into the attacking Confederates at the Battle of Shiloh.
by A Hoosier May 01, 2005
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