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A subspecies of dwarf that contains homosexual and bisexual dwarfs that can't deal with the original title of "dwarf." They need legality to make them feel like more than they are, because they are really small, and always want more than they are. Not only do they piss us off with the special "legal", but they also piss off regular dwarfs who feel like less, because dwarfs always feel like they are less. Why else would they have all the tv shows.
Homo Sapien gained the "homo" part of their species when legal dwarfs landed in what is now present day Alabama.

Englishman John Lock's belief of "tabula rasa" was refering to the blank mind of the legal dwarf.

Rosa Parks is famous for refusing to give up her seat to a legal dwarf.
by eee coleye January 03, 2011

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