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A nickname given to LGBT people, often used on the 4chan board /lgbt/
>tfw no qt gf
What do, legbutts?
by /r/a/ndom /a/non March 22, 2014
A condition, not to be confused with a wedgie, where a girl with a big butt squeezes into a pair of very tight jeans, causing her ass cheeks to squeeze down into the leg of her jeans. Like a camel toe, it is either very hot or very horrifying.
Check out the leg butt on that bubble butt babe!
by platformsneakerboots June 22, 2009
No differentiation between someones butt or back of leg.
Is that her leg or her butt? Or is it a Leg Butt
by Potomus June 01, 2010
the higher back of the leg. Not the actually butt, but not the thigh, either. Right between the thigh and the leg.
i gently caressed her leg butt..tenderly and smoothly.
by cheesecakeupmybutt April 10, 2012
part of the butt connecting to the leg, often begins to slope bigger. more formally known as the thigh.
by runnerbeenz April 30, 2009

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