Left wing is considered the Liberals or Democrats; they typically feel like the rich should help pay the way for the poor. They are anti-constitutional (especially 1st amendment and 2nd amendment). They believe in Medicaid, Medicare, and welfare. They think that because they have made a good life for themselves they should be obligated to pay more in taxes (hence more to welfare). They think everyone should share what they made while the liberals sit on there asses and think how can we get the rich to pay us more money.
Hey John you made $100,000 this year, you will have to pay AMT taxes. You are making to much money, you will have to pay more in taxes to help the poor who sit on their asses and collect welfare. They made four more kids so now they collect even more in welfare. All the while they just have more and more kids so that the rich have to pay their way more and more. As a left winged liberal we should "share and share alike"

Hey Susie I see you got a 4.0 in college, you did to good share some of that with Tom so he can go to better school. You see Tom sat around and partied through college only earning a 2.0. Susie should give Tom 1.0 that way they both have a 3.0. "Share and share alike" is what we left winged liberals say
by floridagq February 25, 2008
the people who lick PETA's balls
they also enjoy stomping on Honest Abe's grave
ever so often they take Mother Natures credit, and term slogans like GO GREEN, as if they are the reason we have "global warming"

also known as &%#@ers
left wing is: al gore, pussy, anarchist, dick, geo-whore
by americaaaaaa July 02, 2008
An extreme political position that generally advocates for larger governments with broader intervention and increased taxes for the middle income to rich. Generally, advocates of all-inclusive welfare policies and social policies. Left wingers are protectionist with respect to trade policies and globalisation in general.
Jill: Was the russian experiments under Lenin and Stalin considered left wing because the government at the time disallowed freedom of speech and press?

Joe: Partly. The fact that all industry was nationalised, completely nullifying any private sector innovation contributed to the philosophy as well. The results were extreme poverty and loss of hope and motivation for the society at large.
by Ashley Elizabeth May 24, 2005
The Poltical side which is good for whichever country they live in as opposed to the Right wing who are bad for it. The Left wing is always working to even out the poverty gap so the world becomes a fairer place but Right wing greed always gets in the way. The Left Wing are working to produce a system where everyone is accepted but Right wing intollerance always gets in the way. In history the Right wing has been the side responsible for poverty (their stupid anti tax shit like the rich need the money more than hospitals, starving people etc need it.), war persecution and intollerance (their belief that everyone who isn't them is evil which still continues today through their fucking "moral highground"), One day the right wing will be responsible for the end of the world as they believe that its ok to show a ONE DAY FATAL TO US ALL disregard for the environment and CAUSES SUFFERING TO MILLIONS disregard for every non western country just so those already with too much money can have even more and pose with stupid big cars.

In short the Right wing have made a mess of this world and The left Wing are still trying to clear it up. Unfortunately they can't be left too it without the Right Wing messing it up even more.
Labour party here in Britain used to be left wing but now they follow that fucking fascist American retard President George. Are the lib dems now Britains left?
by Geoooooooo March 26, 2005
The leftr wing is people on the side of the political spectrum who are not proud of their country.They and the media have bashed every single military operation since world war II.It is actualy they who wil perpetuate the down fall of western civilization due to their tollerance of destructive things. ( terrorism, abortion,gay marrige)
*shooting a 22 in my back yard when left wing person pokes his head over the fence*

left wing person:"we can not tollrate this violence in our communty, we must up lift our neighborhoods so that people of all terrorist back ground can feel welcome here so that we may all attend the gay weding at wich we will protest to all and anything the goverment does "

me: riiiiiiight, *shoots left wing person several times in face with 22*

by cousin paul March 14, 2007
Those in the political world who belive killing babies, gay marriages, letting terrorists do as they please and killing off the eldelry are the way to go.

Left wing people are usually smelly, and insane and really need to be culled. There ideals are flawed and instead of protesting and buring a flag they should be the ones being burnt.
"Can you beleive Kerry, believes in abortion"

"That bitch Kerry is such a dirty left wing skank, she needs to be culled
by Glenn Griffiths August 07, 2006

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